Snow Gone! Phew.

The snow and ice vanished overnight, which is wonderful. I feel so much less stressed.

We fed those that needed buckets – Lilja, Sóley (who kicked their’s around) as well as Fivla and Vitamin (who inhaled their’s) – and then we gave the washing up to the little ones.

They were on very good form too. Happy, happy, happy.  Lots of little noses in my pocketses.

We could tell they were relieved the snow had gone but disappointed that we refused to bring them any hay/silage/haylage to eat.

When we arrived with only 4 buckets and some carrots, they were in fact quite cross.

But I explained that fat little Shetland ponies do not need extra food in a 50 acre field that has grass if they go and look for it.

There was much looking once we took the buckets away.

As well as some begging!  They don’t give up.

A little film.  I like my little films.  I hope you do too.

5 thoughts on “Snow Gone! Phew.

  1. Sam

    Hard to tell who is the bigger mooch – Newt or Storm? In anu case, I love your films of noseys hoping for a treat. As for the “look for the grass” – after the five star dining they have had, hard to go back to self feeding…


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