Handsome Boyzens!

Despite Shetland now twinning with Siberia, my game little soldier and I struggled up our track and back again.  This so-called promised thaw has just turned everything to sheet ice.  There is a gale forecast next. Nice.

After our walk, BeAnne had a lovely long sleep all afternoon in my shed, while I made a Sheeple to add to all the other sheeple.

They have a Facebook page now – HeartFelt Sheeple

(⬇︎⬇︎ today’s creation! ⬇︎⬇︎)

The Boyzens, (and the Girlzens) spend their time loafing around the croft and I managed to take some nice photos of them while the sun shone a few days ago.

Lambie’s lecherous face – it’s not pretty. He thinks he is irresistable! Yer, right.

‘Bert with a sideburn of snow.

‘Ster looking magnificent. Very Monarch of the Glen.

Lambie again – Oh well.  He appears to have curtains now!

Lambie’s thinking face.  Pahahahah!

Now this is an irresistible handsome chap.

‘Bert has an honest face.

And ‘Ster again.  So noble.

The Boyzens are very handsome Boyzens, but as their Muzzah, I may be slightly biased.  Nah, they’re gawgeous!


1 thought on “Handsome Boyzens!

  1. diane in northern wis

    What a crew! Great pictures of them all! Saw your facebook page……looks great!
    How bout some pics of those girls you so kindly adopted?


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