The Bear Grylls Challenge!

The Bear Grylls Challenge – as created by Daisy and participated in by Lambie (and Daisy coz he is not doing it on his own!)


This is tough-love Lambie physiotherapy and it will help make Lambie stronger in his legs.


No more sitting in front of the fire never moving, Lambie is up and at ’em for a good 30 minutes, over hill and down dale.


He is asked to jump, gallop and tackle a variety of obstacles invented by Daisy, which he does with aplomb and enthusiasm.  Look at him go!  I can see Lamb of the Year Show beckoning.


Accompanying this army assault course is Loki and somewhere at the back loitering with resentment, BeAnne.


We went down the track, back up the track (Jack’s walk) and then into the hill.


There were various stop-off points for nibbling moss and investigating (Lambie, not us) and all these Daisy had incorporated into the assault course schedule.


After climbing every mountain and fording every stream, we took Lambie into the school where Daisy was warming up Taktur, her Icelandic stallion, before his training.

Lambie and BeAnne sweetly sat together and watched like Mother and Son.


After 20 minutes, when Taktur was officially warmed up, they all stopped and got to know each other.  I had put Lambie on the upturned jump bucket in the hopes I could teach him some circus tricks.


Enjoy the Bear Grylls-Lambie Challenge.  He works very hard at it and is a determined little boy.



4 thoughts on “The Bear Grylls Challenge!

  1. Linda Addison

    Can we have more pix of the BG Lambie challenge, pleeease?

    Love the one of Lambie and BeAnne side by side watching, too.


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