The Beach and The Boys

The sun was shining and I was on my own today so I took the dogs (minus Jack) to Sandness beach for a walk.


And who should we see? – Jo and Fiona riding their horses sedately along the beach.


BeAnne instantly recognised them and started shouting.


While they rode home with the promise of a cup of tea waiting for me, I walked my dogs along the beach.


I love the beach in any weather or season.  It is always different and with its own special magic.

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The dogs were good and we worked on our listening skills!

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Loki hates getting his feet wet while BeAnne loves her swimming and needs no excuse.


Afterwards, I popped by The Odd Couple, aka Hammy and Indy.  Both were looking very good and are still good friends despite having spent the summer apart.


I don’t like stallions ever being kept on their own especially during winter.


I know Indy would hate it.  He has always had a friend but it is very obvious that Hammy is his best friend.  They understand each other very well.  It is a lovely relationship.


And then, after all my hard work, I went and had my cup of tea and watched Snati annoy BeAnne!

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