The Aftermath

I think we got off lightly.  A slightly rumbled derelict shed wall and the sheep shed roof is a bit less attached to its moorings (the builder is on his way).

The horses all seem very relaxed and calm after their long stay indoors.  The mucking out was horrendous and done by OH who never once complained.  That man needs a medal.


So now we have snow.  Great big lumps of splatty snow falling out of the sky and everyone wants to be able to choose whether they are in or out.


I gave up and opened the gate so the herd have free access to the bale of silage and the shed, if they want.


Today’s snow brought out a certain playful side in certain small Minions.

BN2A1551 BN2A1539 BN2A1537

It was lovely to see my little boys playing.  I think Silver was egging the ever-easily-led Tiddles on.  He does believe everything they tell him.  I am reminded of the blue goldfish scenario.


Everyone is disgusting – filthy and wet but I am not worried.


Delia is doing well. Her rug is a god-send and she understands she must stand still when I am trying to put it her on in gale force winds and it is flapping around her ears.  I love that pony. She has a quiet dignity that many could learn from.


Little Himself is looking good too – he is still nursing from Hetja who, of course, is the most perfect of mothers.


And then suddenly there was a crash – as in someone was doing bad things and it all went very wrong.  Lambie shot out of a shed towards me. (I must not laugh, I must not laugh – but honestly, that wool is hilarious!)


I was in a foul mood today and then I went outside and laughed at the madness of it all.






8 thoughts on “The Aftermath

  1. Rebecca Final

    The landscape is really beautiful covered by snow. However, I’m sure it will be a soggy mess soon. For that i don’t envy you. You are strong people and you have strong creatures. And one very funny looking lambie/porcupine cross I believe.

  2. Linda

    I just BET everyone needed a playful romp outside after being cooped up! (and Lambie’s coat looks positively electrified…) I’m glad to read the damage was minimal.

    Don’t know if it was the same storm you got, but the winds in Ireland blew a bunny up onto it’s owner’s roof, where it was rescued by a fireman. There’s a first time for everything!

  3. Sam

    Lambie’s Flying Coat is wonderfully adorable! But I bet it doesn’t smell like roses. Glad to hear all survived the hurricane.


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