No photos, for obvious reasons.

I woke up to hear the wind blowing outside.  Nothing huge but I knew what was to come.  I shot out of bed, got dressed and OH kindly came outside with me.  The horses were already inside from last night and we had an hour before the hurricane really took its hold so time was important.

I went to the feed shed and managed to get a bucket of sheep food which I put in a safe unwindy place for later.

Then I met OH in the big school shed.  We filled up buckets and, while OH did a bit of a poo-pick, I went into the stable and pushed each Minion through to join the big boys.  They need the space and had probably irritated the girls all night.

I then swept the muck on the floor to one side, spread out the remainder of a bale of sawdust, topped up everyone’s water and opened a bale of silage, splitting it between the girls.

Meanwhile, OH fetched a bale for the boys and we took it in, opened it and split it up for everyone.

I threw a bucket of food at the sheeps and we ended up by locking them in their shed as their roof began to lift off.  There was nothing we could do, just watch and pray it didn’t go and if it did, that it didn’t take anything else with it.

The wind has been over 100mph and this was no weather to go outside (Red Alert weather warning).

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 16.44.49

Snow is now forecast (sarcastic yay) and the gale continues for another 24 hours (another sarcastic yay).

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 16.47.24

Just before dark, the wind had died down slightly so OH and I went out and repeated the feeding and watering process for the horses.  We made the executive decision to let Lambie and Ster out of their shed as they would be safer finding their own place to hunker down in.  They were overjoyed and bounced all over the place with happiness!  Daft sheeps.

10 thoughts on “Hurricane

  1. Rebecca Final

    Hoping all goes well with the very scarey weather. I hate the wind. Will be looking forward to hearing all is well and everyone is safe.

  2. Cate

    I’ve been looking at the Sumburgh Head webcam all day. Ferocious weather there. Everyone stay safe.

    Just across Da Pond from you, we’re sitting tight, awaiting the blizzard (30 cm snow, 50-60 mph winds). Come February, come the snows of winter….sigh.

  3. Linda

    I don’t even have words (rare for me). I know I picked up speed just reading your account of feeding everyone. Stay safe!

  4. Miss Funky

    Thinking of you, Stay safe, WOW 102MPH!! Pheeeew thats some gale!! We too had high winds last night it sounded scary listening to things being ripped from their placings and tossed and turned with mother nature!! Makes you realise how small we are to the world <3

  5. Terri

    Yikes! (About now you must be asking yourself exactly WHY you live in Shetland.) So glad everyone is safe, but what a worry for you and OH (not to mention hard work). Try to visualize riding with your daughters on a sunny day. I’ll hold the good thought that the “daft sheeps” survive (possibly winding up in the kitchen?). Lambie may have been prescient to wear the saddle rack — do you have another for Ster?

  6. Darby

    Hoping everyone is safe and gets through the storm . Here in New York we had two feet of snow last weekend and some high winds, but not like you are having. Well, January is almost over and February is a short month. Before you know it, Spring will be here and the sun will shine again.


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