Ten Feet Away Day

It was a bit windy this afternoon when I went to check up on Brá (pronounced “brow” not bra!)  She is not helpful when the wind blows.

She is still living with her two friends, Harvey and Kolka.  All is good.

And, yes, I think Brá is looking a little more trim.  Just a little.  The struggle is real and I understand that.  You can’t rush these things.

I was allowed to give her a mean little carrot but when I said I wanted to clean her eyes, Brá was off.

And I never got near her again.

So I occupied my time by talking to the bootiful and luscious Harvey.

I told Brá that she could enjoy her ten-feet-away-day and I was not going to run round after her.  I didn’t really try hard.  She had that look.

Tomorrow I will bring a headcollar and all the kit needed to clean Brá’s eyes plus some ointment which will knock any gooby-eye infection quickly on the head.

To be fair, Brá is not a fan of my big camera and I am not a fan of putting it on the ground so that I can talk to her.  Big hairy feet and all that!

Anyway, taking photos of hoofy Harvey is far more gratifying.  He really is very dishy! 😍 ❤️ 😍

2 thoughts on “Ten Feet Away Day

  1. diane in northern wis

    I think that Bra is looking very beautiful herself! Plus I always like looking at that Harvey! You are such a wonderful mama taking care of everybody so well. I’m sure her eyes will be much better in no time, thanks to you!

  2. Suzanne Kelly

    They are both so beautiful! Harvey is stunning- what is his personality like? He looks very sweet. Good luck with the eye ointment tomorrow. Cheerio


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