Taking my life in my hands

Today I stared death in the face.

I was attempting to take photos of our Christmas tree.

And it was a very dangerous activity. I am wearing the scars.

Dodging death, I managed to take a few photos of some of the special decorations.

Of course there is a bit of a sheep theme going on.




I have named this winged white sheep “Missy”.  Now I need to find a Madge and Edna to live on the tree.

Taking photos was not easy. Monster was in a dangerous mood.  At one stage we thought he was going to climb up the tree.

He did, however, pounce on a tomte and take her down with a quick one paw swipe! I rescued her.

Every year we add one more tree ornament. It must be special and this year is no exception. Meet “Meowie Bowie” complete with Ziggy Stardust makeup! Given to OH who is a keen Bowie fan.

Someone, and I am not sure who, has made our angel, Suzanne, cover her eyes!

We have a lovely Christmas tree. No tinsel this year, but full of all our special family decorations including ones the children have made.

Her Maj – so special.

And Monster – herumph!

9 thoughts on “Taking my life in my hands

  1. Sam

    Ah December, a month to make most cats very happy with the decorated tree to destroy, ornaments to bat around and tree water to drink. We learned early with Maine Coon cats: no fake trees as they can tip over and scatter across the floor. Tie the tree off to TWO heavy bookcases to prevent sagging when the wild beast climbs up. Wrap all ornament hooks twice around a branch. Put the bottom 1/3 as unbreakable to preserve the glass ones up the tree and get a tall tree stand to prevent water sipping or tree-tipping. And table top trees means Cat-zilla arrives to stomp on things. Tinsel is best off the tree and not out the cat’s bum. Catnip is to be used liberally to slow down the destruction.
    And I love your sheep ornaments, and Missy’s. Good luck with the White Yeti in the house.

  2. Dee

    I did a double take when I looked at your tree photos. Some of your ornaments are nearly identical to some of mine! ! got them in the gift shop at St. George’s Hospital back in 1983 or 1984. The little wooden naive figure ones….from Eastern Europe.

  3. diane in northern wis

    Love your tree Frances, and your many special and wonderful ornaments. Hopefully you don’t have too many breakables that the monster took take down! Love all the sheep, and the BeAnne ornament…do you have a Monster ornament yet?

  4. Jayne

    I’m just back from our farm shop where, in addition to the eggs I went for, I’ve come back with two new decorations – a needle-felt Robin, and a Sheeps.

    Too late for this Christmas, but wondering about such loveliness as a good retail opportunity for you for next year?

    And like Dee, I also have the little wooden figures hanging next to Her Maj and Meowie Bowie. They were inherited and are likely to have come from a department store in Oxford Street in the late 50’s/early 60s, but I cannot confirm that. What are the chances of three of us having similar vintage decorations?

    1. Frances Post author

      I think it means we are all very similar and it is good to know that all over the world are like-minded people and their Christmas tree ornaments!

  5. Christine

    What a lovely tree. This year, at least in our part of the Pacific Northwest, there is actually a shortage of fresh cut Christmas trees. Many places were sold out by Dec. 1. We went looking yesterday and all we could find were 3 foot and 10 foot trees…nothing in between. Time to improvise!


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