Dentist Day!

It’s been “one of those days”.  You know the type.  When things go wrong because they can.

With the equine dentist, Stuart Huggan, arriving first thing this afternoon, we wanted to have all the horses who were seeing him, ready.  Also on his list were Fivla and Vitamin – they live a few miles down the road.  So I lept into the horsevan, started the ignition and nothing happened.  Absolutely zero, zilch, nada.  This was one dead van.


We called in the experts, resorted to rtfm’ed (read the f—-ing manual) and still ….. nothing.

Knowing our valuable window for fetching Vitamin and Fivla was closing in, we asked our neighbours for help and used their horsevan to fetch the old ladies.  Phew.  They made it home.

First up to see Stuart was Haakon. As usual, it was a family affair!

Over the past few months, Haakon’s teeth have been giving him gyp.  He won’t wear a bit, flings his head about and grabs the reins so I have been riding him bitless in the school.  After Stuart’s efforts, I quickly saddled up (Haakon not Stuart!) and rode a few times around the school. The difference was huge so hopefully Stuart has helped Haakon. He was much, much happier about everything.

Next up were Iacs and Klængur.

Then Fivla and Vitamin.

While our van’s battery was now charging, our neighbours kindly drove Vitamin and FIvla back to their field.  We wanted to get them back before it was dark.

And we returned home to find Stuart working on his last patient, Taktur. He had already done Kappi and Efstur.

So that’s our horses all with happy teeth now.  No horrible surprises – just routine rasping the sharp bits down and everyone behaved beautifully.  Phew!  I am very relieved about Haakon.

2 thoughts on “Dentist Day!

  1. Sam

    Sorry about the van not starting, but always good to have nice neighbors.
    Glad to hear no major issues with the dentist. Any clue what Stuart did to help Haakon?


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