First Named

We are struggling with names but after much discussion and research, we have come up with one – for Brá’s black colt.

Meet Dreki from Thordale.

Dreki means dragon.


He will be our Dragon.

So there it is, sorted.  He will grow into his name.

Today, Dreki was the other side of the burn, trying hard to work out how to get over to join his mother.

He didn’t panic.  He thought about his problem.  His little brain was working overtime.

But he made his decision…..

… some of his legs cooperated….

And then he was happily back with his loving mother, Brá.

Meanwhile, we still don’t have a name for Dreki’s elder half-sister.

It will come.  Her name will find her.

But Dreki it is for the colt.  He is our beautiful black dragon.

We think it suits him.

11 thoughts on “First Named

  1. Sam

    Naming our animal family members takes work and sometimes patience. One may need to wait for the name to come. Our Norwegian Forest Cat took about 2 weeks to let us know what her adopted cat name would be, Gwen. The Maine Coons were very quick to let us know their names! Welcome, Dreki, Bold Dragon of Thordale.

  2. Mary H

    Dreki – what a great name! It suits him very well. I really love the second photo of him among the yellow flowers. He looked grand and also adorably cute!

  3. Linda

    What a perfect name! And I bet he’ll grow into it beautifully.
    You are so wise, Frances – their names come to them, don’t they?

  4. Nicky

    Sometimes I have names planned in advance. (Because I breed German warmbloods I know what initial letter I need). However sometimes baby arrives and the name does not fit. I had lots of posh names planned for Doodle but when we got to know him he was plainly a Doodle!

  5. Margaret Robinson

    He’s gorgeous and the name fits perfectly! You all must be very proud. Now try and get some rest. MMR

  6. Louise Stopford

    They are both so adorable and look as if they are doing really well. Is it your intention to keep them and integrate them with your herd? The little filly with the gorgeous eyelashes needs a really beautiful name – can’t wait to see what you decide.

  7. Terri

    Darling Dreki, only a day old, and he’s already problem-solving! Brá looks relaxed and content. You must all be very happy!


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