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From Vet Extra Neurology, Broadleys Veterinary Hospital

Finding of the neurological examination:

BeAnne had evidence of right fore and hind limb paresis consistent with either a brainstem injury or a high neck injury.  BeAnne would also tend to curve her body to the right, and ther was a tendency to circle to the right.

MRI confirmed the presence of a traumatic disc extrusion in the high neck (between the 2nd and 3rd neck vertebrae, with right-sided spinal cord damage…..


Right-sided traumatic disc extrusion in the upper neck.  There is moderate to severe spinal cord bruising…..

…. I would expect BeAnne to slowly improve over the next few months, but there is likely to always be some right thoracic and pelvic limb weakness or incoordination.  Beyond the how (?) severely  affected BeANne was at presentation, and the severity of the changes on MR imaging, there is no other way of knowing whether BeAnne will improve, and to what extent BeAnne will improve.  We can only wait and see. In some dogs there is unfortunately a poor improvement.

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BeAnne should be encouraged to exercise on soft (non-abrasive) surfaces so that she does not damage the tops of her paws as a result of dragging them.  BeAnne may benefit from some support with a harness until she is strong enough to support herself.  There should be a gradual improvement over the next few weeks.

While I write this, BeAnne is sleeping in her bed under my desk covered with her favourite blankie.  When I went to feed Albie his lunch, she pottered about outside but stayed with Lambie in the stable instead of following me to the field.  She waits to be carried over the hard ground and I put her down onto the soft grass.

(from BeAnne’s medical report by Jacques Penderis’)

A huge thank you to everyone at Broadleys for their superb care of my precious heaven.


Darling little BeAnne.  She did her absolute best – brave and wonderful.  I am so proud of her.


8 thoughts on “Home – Bliss

  1. Linda

    Dogs can be amazing when things like this happen (as we’re seeing with Miss BeAnn). They seem to just roll with whatever disabilities life hands them…

  2. Karen

    Slowly, gently does it. Those of us who have had slipped or extruded disc problems know how painful it is and she has my sympathy. Brave girl. I look forward to seeing her more mobile and happy again next year when we come up, when this will hopefully be a distant memory for all of you. Special hugs from my fur babies to BeAnne. Well done Frances. Take Care. Xx

  3. Judith Garbutt

    Bless her! I hope she makes steady progress over the next few weeks/months. I’m quite ure she could not be in better hands! xx

  4. Terri

    Thanks for the detailed explanations. She looks so sweet, sleeping under her blankie. Yes, she’s in the best of hands. xx

  5. mandy

    I have to say it was the awful kennel system that mdae shetland such a difficult place. our dog stayed in the car because she would have died in the kennel. our current dog has separation anxiety and could not be left either in a kennel or a car. Thus when i tell my hubby that i want to return to shetland he knows i can’t due to the dog!!!!! so glad you fought and won. with the wonderful wetrooms in the disabled cabins it seems that if a dog did have an accident so long as it was in there no one would every know!!

  6. Nancy

    Hoping for lots of improvement and healing for BeAnne!
    Glad to see that she is home and resting. =)
    Love and hugs for BeAnne and you!


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