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I have a headache (the leftovers of a migraine that I woke up with) so I am not going to bore on today.

I am also not in the best of moods as I have been fighting with iCloud and trying to back up all Aunt Kate’s diaries/notes/photos as my ‘puter has funny strange lines across it.  All the work is already backed up on an external hard disk so, if it dies, I don’t actually lose (please God) anything.

Anywho, here are some photos of the Minions from yesterday, instead.  The weather is vile – and will be for a few more days – so I am trying to make the most of the nice photos I took.


Newt annoying the ever-suffering Albie, who is possibly a Saint.

Dear Tiddles looking like he is “smiling” – he was yawning.

Dr. Henry Jekyll

Mr. Edward Hyde

“Do NOT sniff there, Newt – no good will come of it!”  He must’ve been in a funny (peculiar, not ha-ha) mood.

Our beautiful Vitamin.

She is doing so well this winter.

Little Albert-Potato (that’s what I call him – I have no idea why).

The ever-expanding Waffle. He is as wide as he is tall.

Lovely Leradale.  One of my favourite places.

My two good little boys – Silver and Tiddles.

Albie with his “mother” – Fivla

Swallowed-a-button Silver.  Aloof but special.  We are coming up to the original Minions’ Anniversary of Misery – the last Wednesday of the month.

And, well, Newt.  Everyone needs a Newt.  It should possibly be The Law.

3 thoughts on “Minion Photos

  1. Linda Kirk

    Thank you for these photos. I love them all, especially the last one of Silver, who looks beautiful in his Winter coat. Tiddles may look as if he’s smiling but he has a slightly demonic gleam in his eye!

    Hope you are feeling better soon.


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