Life is Tough

Life is tough.

Really tough. I was asked to photograph little ponies running around.

Oof, I think it is the eyelashes or is it the silly frilly or the little flared nostrils?

Who knows, but this miniature Shetland pony foal is beyond scrumptious.

And she ran about for us.

Did a little dressage.

Had a quick prance.

Got her flashy moves on.

She is truly scrummy.

The very definition.

She has a little swishy tail.

And she has a friend too.

Another little miniature Shetland pony, a colt this time.

Another pocket rocket.

They ran around together, happily making faces, getting in each other’s way.

And trying to out do each other.

I think I am in love.

The palomino is Bergli Alexis (Out of Alex V D Voshoek (071136533) by Blackstonefolly Jessie (AQ2047/M07-454)

(she is for sale – Lerwick Shetland Pony Sales 2017)

No, I will not be going.

The little chestnut chap is Bergli Lucky – and yes, he is for sale, hence the photos for the Lerwick Shetland Pony Sales.

Ok, I probably will attend but I will not take my wallet, my horse van or my hands.  I will not register to buy and I will not come home with anyone!


15 thoughts on “Life is Tough

  1. doris eckerlein

    wonderful job done! those two are seriously melting hearts!!
    Tough job at the Lerwick show…to keep hands down…grin…

  2. Carol E

    Ooh ooh SO darling! That first photo of Alexis is so gorgeous! I think I’ll bring a big carry-on and tuck her under the seat in front of me for the flight home. Oh darn, the sale is after I leave. (Sulk sulk).

    You are the most masterful pony photographer!

  3. Linda

    It’s everything, but *especially* the eyelashes and the frilly (will her unicorn horn grow out as she gets older?)

    What a cutie-pie!

  4. Judith Garbutt

    Just as well I won’t be anywhere near Shetland in the foreseeable future or there’d be a serious danger that I wouldn’t be able to stop my hand waving in the air for either or both of those little beauties! Fabulous photographs, Frances.

    1. Margaret Robinson

      I suppose these two little ones are way expensive, or will be once the bidding is done. Hope they go to excellent homes.

  5. Margaret Robinson

    These are the cutest (though not as cute as your little ones). Out of sheer curiosity, approximately how much does one pay for these smallest of the small?

  6. Simone

    Adorable. Floof on legs! Who doesn’t want floof on legs? Why don’t I have a palomino Shetland filly? Everyone should have one!! 🙂

  7. Tuula from Finland

    Oh! What super fotos again! Real pocket-rockets!
    I had to see the whole lot in the auction. So many ponies, the Miniatyres seem to be very popular.
    Í´m more a Standard person. My favourities are lot 11, 23 and 74 (23 and 74 look very same like two of mine ;D).
    In my country we don´t have Shetland Pony auctions. The prizes start from about 700E for colts and 1000E
    for fillies.


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