Summer and Old Friends

The peat is being dried out, having been cut.  Once dried, it will be brought home to be stored and then burned.


The peat bank is allocated to the croft and the peat is cut out of the peat bank using a tushkar (special tool).  Once stacked, It is then left for a few months to dry by the Spring wind.  There are various stacking methods and this is one way. – a precisely built wall.


Another method is small pyramids – this is how I was taught by my neighbour.


And there is this another – larger pyramids.  New to me but, apparently,  used all over Shetland.


The hills and pastures appear to have a slight scattering of “snow” on them.


It is everywhere and very beautiful.


On closer inspection, it is not snow but bog cotton/cotton grass (Eriophorum) or “lukki-minnie’s oo” – and this summer seems to be a particularly good year for this strange plant. Apparently, in very early times, children did not wear nappies during the day but at night they had a wad of bog-cotton heads to help keep them dry.  Poor things!


On another note, Lambie is doing very well, now he has come to terms with being sheared, shorn or whatever.  Although underneath, he is a different shape, he will always be my little lamb. Some days he is more aloof than others but deep down he still a Muzzah’s boy and I will always love him.


I have never met such a sensitive animal.  Only a mother could love him.

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