Two Weeks On

So here we are, two weeks on.

As you can see, Tor (mother) has a happy little family of Camus (her own son) and Brisk (her adopted son).


They are getting along brilliantly and we are all very pleased, if not relieved.  It could have gone horribly wrong but the Gods smiled and it didn’t.


Floss has put in much time taming down the foals.


It is her holiday job.  As she said, when asked, “it is a chore, but someone has to do it.”


And I think we can all agree that Floss is doing very well with her trainees.


Always fully committed to any job, Floss has put in the hours of being loved (Brisk) and nibbled (Camus).


The Award for the Softest Belly fur goes, this summer, to Brisk (or Little B, as he is now known, said with an Australian accent).  It is like stroking velvet made by angels (but only if angels were in the velvet making business).


Camus and Brisk are good friends. Camus is the bossy one and Brisk is the gentle one.


Please don’t let me fall in love with Brisk.  I do not need another Minion.  Does anyone want or need a perfect companion for someone, who is a an absolute delight to have around?  Brisk is kind, calm and very gentle with never a nibble or harsh thought/word.  He just wants to be loved and kissed on his soft velvety gentle nosey and have a friend to look up to.

Brisk is not a show pony nor stallion potential. He is perfect companion pony potential and worth his weight in gold.


I want the best home for him.  He deserves that.

Contact me if you are that home.

5 thoughts on “Two Weeks On

  1. Linda

    How great to see the family getting along to well! (But I suspect the vibes around your place are conducive to this sort of thing…)

    I don’t care for hot weather, and so I really love seeing Floss in a wool sweater there, in July!

  2. Terri

    If only I had a nice croft somewhere close by, I’d take Brisk in a heartbeat! Not surprised at all that Flossie was able to socialize these two darling foals (after all, she’s your daughter, and you raised two lovely nurturers). Many thanks for taking orphaned Brisk in. He wound up with two perfect foster mums: Tor and you! (lucky laddie) Hope he finds a loving forever home…he deserves it.

  3. Darby

    it is a very good thing I live so far away. I have been in love with little Brisk since you first posted his picture.
    I do not need another pony(repeat) I am sure he will find his special home. if that home happened to be yours it would be lovely to see him grow up.

  4. Cathy

    Why do I get the feeling little Brisk is going to quietly infiltrate your little herd while you are not looking?


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