Strange Day

Yesterday was a strange day.

After the net/bales scenario, our visitors, taking OH, went off a-trippering and suddenly every midge in the land jumped on us.

Lambie was indoors faster than a whippet.  He just can’t do midges.

Later on, the wind got going and I offered to walk the dogs.  Half way down the track, I decided I was over-dressed and dumped my coat on a post only to notice I was being followed.

Dear boys, they were all determined to come with me.

Lambie followed his Muzzah #2.

I looked back only to see Rammie had joined us too.

We even were passed by cars on the single track road and all the sheeples knew where to wait, politely.

Yes, I did get some very odd looks from the passengers in the vehicle.

So that would be four sheep, two dogs and me walking along the road.

Loki did his best to disown us.

And so did the hill sheep.  They were totally oblivious of this ridiculous situation.

Once we reached the gate (our turning point), I did a head count.  Rammie had given up half way along. He is very lame and was finding it difficult.  Her Maj, on the other paw, couldn’t be arsed and had a sit-down strike somewhere along the road.

My theory was we could collect them all on the way home.

Once home, we had to leave Rammie in the hill as he doesn’t really understand about people/dogs/sheep all sitting down together.

We had a nice sit in the sun listening to music on my iPad.

Daisy found our sheep/dog/people pile.

Awww, I love Lambie’s expressions – now that is The Winning Smile!

If Landseer drew sheep….

And then the midges came back again so we all had to fly into the house again.  Poor Lambie. I feel his pain.

5 thoughts on “Strange Day

  1. Judith Garbutt

    I sympathise with Lambie! Midges out in force this evening whilst I was doing my ponies. I hate them with a passion (the midges, not the ponies, obviously!). What is their purpose in life?

  2. Linda

    At least you got out for a nice walk in between Midge Storms!
    How I envy you your walking buddies. And what an expression on Lambie’s face, as he sits by Daisy’s leg…sigh. 🙂

  3. diane in northern wisconsin

    I’m sorry about the midges…but just loved your story about your walk with the dogs and then discovering your other lambie pals tagging along. So sweet, I could just picture all of you walking down the road! You’ve got some great pals there Frances. Thanks for making me smile.

  4. Louise Stopford

    What perfect walking companions you have there. A priceless time spent with your critters. I am still feeling sorry for Rammie though (can’t help it). Looks like nobody has claimed him yet??

  5. Sam

    Sorry about the midges and Rammie’s lame leg. But the Winning Smile on Lambie – WOW!
    Now that is a boy who knows he is loved.


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