Moving The Ladies

That time of year again – when everyone moves fields ready for Autumn which can either be an Indian Summer or wind, gales, rain and worse.

I have a lovely field waiting that has been left since last winter ready for the four Shetland ladies.

I know it is not ideal for a certain body-type of girl but our thoughts are that even if Fivla gets fat, she will lose it as she will winter here for as long as possible and there will be no extra hard feed (I must keep telling myself that).

Also the grass is dying back now.

See what happens.

Everyone was more than happy to be put in this field.  The school children walk past and talk to them.

We moved the ponies two at a time and Fivla shouted her head off when we first took Vitamin away with Lyra.

The old ladies are a very close little bunch.

After that, we walked the dogs on the local beach.

We haven’t been to the beach for a while.

It was very empty.

Not a bird or seal to be seen.

So, BeAnne enjoyed a little swim.

And Loki wandered about.

So, that’s the girls moved ready for Autumn and possibly Winter (or at least December).  Life is rather complicated this year as Newt has not been castrated (one nut Newt) and I don’t want to split the Minions but I do want them to live at Lyradale (another field 2 miles from home).  I can’t let Newt live with the girls.

In my head, it all makes sense.  Basically, we just have to go with the flow – weather, grass, Newt’s non nut appearance, etc….

4 thoughts on “Moving The Ladies

  1. Terri

    First, the beautiful and amazing eclipse here in Oregon this morning (we live in the 99% path of totality), and now, this post, which has put another big smile on my face! Glad the ponies are in their proper places (some near children!). And it’s so nice to see BeAnne and Loki enjoying the beach. (I wish I had Loki’s body type.)

  2. Linda

    What a nice photo of Loki! And those empty beaches look so inviting for a walk.
    I would think everyone might enjoy a new field to explore, especially that one where the school kids come by for a chat…


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