Storm’s shed

This is Storm’s shed.  No one else’s.  Storm’s shed.  He ❤ his shed (and his rug, oh yes and his carrots, and his food and his Mum) …… but he loves his shed the most.


The others are allowed in.  He is not mean and is happy to share with anyone.  Even Taktur has been found in there with three minions behind him (it was very sweet).


Today it has been snowing on and off or someone is throwing freezing polystyrene packing balls at us.

I feed my Minions their hard food in the morning into 4 separate bowls.  Tiddlypom has got the plot now and they all share very nicely with no arguments.  While they are eating, I muck out their, sorry, Storm’s shed and they then go in to finish any hay leftover from the night before.


I was feeling guilty as I haven’t been spending much time with The Minions (those reindeer bebbies are enchanting) so BeAnne and I sat with them in their shed this afternoon while the weather did its worst outside.


Taking photos was particularly difficult as I was instantly inundated by furry noseys.

L1130647  L1130653

Little Tiddlypom is coming along fine now.  Easy to catch, talk to, do anything really (except lead – we must work on this skill).


He got to know BeAnne and she was very patient up to a point.


I sat against the wall on my coat and chatted to whoever came up.


The Minions are all looking very well and seem very relaxed this winter.  They go outside into their big field every day and come back when I call them, always keen to see what I have brought.


Looking after these little guys is never a chore.


They are the best therapy ever and I leave them always with a smile on my face.


5 thoughts on “Storm’s shed

  1. jan

    Frances they all look absolutely wonderful… Having seen the photos of them when you rescued them they are proof of all your hard work.

  2. Sam

    Love those noses! So very glad to know The Minions are happy and finally healthy! And accepting of Tiddlypom and the boarders.

  3. roberta earley

    Thank you for letting us into you Shetland world, they are amazing little ponies. We live with two and that is enough to handle. keep on doing what you are doing…………….
    From down under………….


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