The Dreaded “C” Word

The dreaded “C” Word is Cleaning and I am not very good at it or very enthusiastic about it.

I have been doing cleaning because No 1 daughter, Daisy, is coming home from St Snotters for Christmas.  Her last exam was yesterday and she is flying in tomorrow morning.

BN2A0051 copy

So I cleaned the house, well bits of it, well I put clean sheets on her bed, ok, I dabbed about ineffectively with a duster having sprayed polish in the air to give the impression of cleaning and turned the radiator on in her bedroom.

I found if I do housework without my glasses on, there doesn’t really seem very much to do!  My back does not like housework at all.  I pay the price afterwards with some nasty twinges/muscle spasms.

BN2A4612 copy

I think there will be a queue of fur-people who will be thrilled to see Daisy.

BN2A1209 copy

She has been missed….

BN2A7275 copy

… and I think she has missed us too.

BN2A1589 copy

We have much to do for Christmas preparations and may need a few willing volunteers who happen to be outside offering their services.

BN2A1448 copy

I can’t wait to see Daisy.  Christmas can sort of start to begin in our house.  Floss gets in on the 20th, all being well and then I will be properly happy.

L1060372 copy

Anyway, the house smells cleaner.

5 thoughts on “The Dreaded “C” Word

  1. darby

    the photos of your daughter are beautiful, you can see the love she has for the animals, that they have for her and that you have for her. a peek into your world has become something I truly look for ward to each day.

  2. Terri

    It’s soooo exciting when offspring come home! (witness your wonderful photos!)
    I like your approach to C, the most boring activity in the world. There’s an old saying: “The good Lord takes away older people’s eyesight so they can’t see the cobwebs….”

  3. Sam

    Better a dusty room then a Mum laid up with a bum back. Love that last picture of Daisy.
    Can’t wait to see her reaction to your boarders!


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