Bits Again

Nothing much today. A day of well-earned rest.  I think I’ve just about thawed and dried out now.

The view from the car (still driving my Mother’s car as mine is still in the garage with no diagnosis!) I went to fill it up with petrol and it was a lovely drive to the pumps, which are 20 minutes away.

I came home to find Daisy just about to hop onto Efstur who was trying bit number 3,445 (well, it feels like it!)  This is the titanium version of the sweet gold anatomical straight bit.

This got the Daisy and Efstur Seal of Approval with the caveat that some horses do insist on going round like goldfish and Efstur may be one of them but, as long as he isn’t chewing (ie wearing down his teeth) and he is happy and relaxed, then for the time being, we will go with that.  Nothing is written in stone.

Horses change as they grow up and develop. We’ve had Efstur’s teeth and mouth checked by a vet; he is happy, relaxed and listening so this is where we are.  Maybe one day Efstur will forget his goldfish ways.  Some do. Some don’t.

1 thought on “Bits Again

  1. Lisa

    “…with the caveat that some horses do insist on going round like goldfish…” I burst out loud laughing at this! Ha! Ha! : )


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