Icicles and Fur

The ice is still with us.  There are patches where it is lethal – we walk the horses round it rather than ride them through.  Ice scares me – what if I fall?  What if they fall?  What if we all fall?

So, I dug out a lens I rarely use and had a play instead.

This is Gypsy having a bit of snooze in the winter sunshine with the snow melting into droplets on her back.

Bless her, Gypsy was enjoying the feeling of being full of food plus the warmth of the winter sunshine so she wasn’t going to move and was the perfect candidate for my experiments


I have been working hard with both of the girls.  Gina is easy.  She sees food – she wants it.  She will do anything you want to have it.

Gypsy is more complicated.  She is learning to be a pony who is accountable for her behaviour.  I can now easily catch her and lead her, even by her chin hairs. Our relationship is totaly based on trust and I won’t accept any unneccessary behaviour.  Once I explained how life would be, Gypsy accepted this and is actually an easy girl to work with.

I have grown very fond of both of them.

I spent this morning with my rarely-used lens and tripod taking photos of the wierd ice formations in the hill stream.

Ice fascinates me.  The strange but precise patterns and shapes are wonderful.

I must admit I had a play with this lens and enjoyed the results.

I took BeAnne with me and she had one of her sit-down strikes.  This resulted in me driving off, leaving her behind and then having to go back to collect her.

(And yes, I did apologise to BeAnne for HER bad behaviour because that was the only way to make her get in the ruddy car!)

9 thoughts on “Icicles and Fur

  1. Cathy

    Frances, how could you?! Look at that poor little face – was that as you drove off, or when you went back? She looks tiny sitting all by herself. I hope you realise how much talent and application is needed to perfect that pathetic look.

    I love the close ups of the ice, the water droplets in Gipsy’s mane and the icicles. It is so difficult to get them to look as magic as they are when you see them for real.

  2. diane in northern wisconsin, US

    Aww now you’re liking Gypsy and Gina so much and they have to go. That must be tough. You’re so good with the horses and all of the animals. Love your ice pictures too….I’m sure that one of those is a dragon! thanks for all the time you take to make such an awesome blog! Hope your weather gets better!

  3. Louise Stopford

    Love those 2 ladies – they are all adorable but I really have a soft spot for Gina. I think you should keep them both.

    1. Frances Post author

      I can’t. They are not integrated into the herd. They would be best south as companions, together, for someone with a bigger horse. I am only caring for them on behalf of the SSCPA. That is the decision.


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