Diet or no diet?

I am wondering whether I should put the old folk on a diet.

Everyone is beginning to look very well covered.

Possibly a bit too well covered but then it doesn’t take much to lose it and, when winter comes, they will be very glad of their extra inches because they don’t like rugs and don’t want to go inside.

But the grass and gorgeous flowers are going bonkers now, almost growing while I watch.

The horses have access to all the land, bar the little bit with the Minions and they walk miles every day all around the place.  I never know where to find them in the morning.

The sheep are everywhere too for most of the day and night, coming home only for breakfast and then to be chucked back out again to roam.

So I spent part of my dog-walk marking out the field that is going to be the track so I can discuss it with the agricultural contractor next week.  Maybe I need two tracks?  Maybe they could all live together?

So, to diet or not to diet?  I dunno.  Maybe I will put them on the hill.

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