Still a Puppy

BeAnne loves water.  Any time of year and she’s diving in needing no excuse.

Water turns Her Maj into a puppy again.

And it also cleans parts where small dogs refuse to reach!

BeAnne lovingly brought me a present.  One of the many polecat skulls that are lying around from the corpses we leave in the hill.  To date we have trapped seven trying to murder our chickens.

After the Gift of Skull, BeAnne had her mad half hour.

We all just stood and watched as she ran around with her watery whiskers enjoying the brief warm Autumn sunshine.

It made my heart smile.  To think, this time just over two years ago (September 2016), BeAnne was just learning to walk again after her God-awful paralysis that came out of nowhere.  We were so scared for her.

Seeing my little girl like this make me realise we were very, very lucky.  The Gods smiled and I thank them daily.

9 thoughts on “Still a Puppy

  1. Margaret Robinson

    This is really amazing! She was doing okay when we were there last year, but this looks totally awesome. Good luck to her – she looks awesome.

  2. Terri

    S’wonderful to see BeAnne fully engaging in life again! (after her illness and then the untimely deaths of Wu and Loki) Your photos capture her spirit!


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