Starting the Cure

The Cure for my bad back is to walk.  I am sure walking helps.  Painkillers stop me minding the pain but walking is definitely the way forward for as long as I my legs work.

Lambie (and Lamb-ster – now officially known as Ster according to Daisy and Flossie) are determined to escape and live in the hill.  Lambie squeezes himself through the tiniest gap he can find taking Ster with him and off they bugger.


Having retrieved them once from the hill, I took them, with Floss, on my two mile walk.  We went slowly but it was exercise for me, none the less.  I am hurting hugely but doing my best.


Lambie was furious with me for bringing him home from playing his hill-friends and would only talk to Flossie.  He knows how to hurt me.


When we got home from our walk, Waffle had managed to get himself stuck in the shed.  He didn’t mind very much and was happily taking in the view.


I sat down with some carrots and fed everyone – sheep and pony.  Waffle decided that he wanted to get to know Lambie.


Lambie is not scared of anyone and happily nosed-to-nose an introduction.


Despite his wicked ways, Lambie is a darling little complaining boy.


Tiddles was on good form today.  His nosey was brought into every occasion and obviously there were kisses given.

L1200020 L1200033

Poor little Storm was feeling very sorry for himself.  This is his pathetic feed-me-all-your-carrots face.


And this is his ooh-is-that-a-carrot face?!


All the Minions are doing very well this winter.  I love it when they come out of the field to play and to chat.  Silver was in the background stuffing his face.  If he wanted to talk, he would’ve turned up.


4 thoughts on “Starting the Cure

  1. Cate

    Frances, I can absolutely confirm that walking is a huge help in sorting out a wonky back. I suffered for decades with back/sacro-iliac spasms until I figured this out. Now at the first twinge, I get off my ar$e and walk –walk walk walk, gently and steadily—NOT with long strides, though!—and this usually nips the attack in the bud.

    Hope you are soon back to rights. Wiishing you all a healthy, walk-filled, pony-ridden New Year!. 😀

  2. Linda

    I believe it’s been almost a year since the Minions were in such dire straits, and looking so sad – and see how happy and healthy they are now – all thanks to your love, Frances!

    P.S. Glad you’re up and moving about. Yeah, it’s getting out there and walking that helps a lot – gets those muscles out of their spasm-ing.

  3. Terri

    I think it’s been almost TWO years since you rescued the Bebbies/Minions, right? What a super-success story that has been! (despite ups and downs)
    Bummer that your back is misbehaving — but at least walking helps. (Similar to wee Lambie and his wonky leg joints: The vet was right, walking helped.)

  4. jane

    I’m bad enough with the odd twinge so I sympathize with you ! Here’s hoping your back gets better soon – I’m sure you’ve got the sense to be sensible – not always easy when you’ve got animals.


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