Blessed but Broken

Today my back finally gave up. Bugger.

But I am blessed.

OH cooked breakfast, while Daisy and Floss fed the horses/ponies, put rugs on those that need it and made sure everyone went into their correct fields.

Breakfast was fresh homemade (yes, you heard me, homemade) bagels with bacon and fried home-laid eggs.  Delicious.

Then I had a lie down while OH prepared lunch.  Once everyone was gathered, I crawled downstairs and we opened presents.

Lunch was delicious.  I ate it and then it was all whisked away and washed up.


While OH walked Loki, I tried to help Daisy muck out the shed and the stable from last night’s inmates.  It was then, on the final stretch, that my back closed down completely.


Now I have taken to my bed while I try to decide what to do next.  Valium for the muscle spasms?  Severe analgesia for the pain?  Acupressure for the pain?  A hammer for the pain?


I dunno.  But I feel blessed because my family are around me and they are helpful, kind and wonderful.


As for photos, I managed some food porn.


OH even put Lambie in his boudoir – apparently he was unhelpful (Lambie, not OH) and escaped 5 times!  He was in a wicked bouncy mood.


Happy Christmas everyone.


And please tell my back to behave.  I am in agony.


10 thoughts on “Blessed but Broken

  1. Deb Twomey

    Oh Dear. So sorry. My lily is back on the bi-pap with oxygen for Christmas. Your girls are truly blessings. Please tell me all the wonderful things on you Christmas plate. Sending love and prayers to heal that nasty back. Deb

    1. Frances Post author

      Poor Lily and gentle hugs for her.

      On my plate is roast chicken, sausages with bacon (pigs in blankets), broccoli, carrots, green beans, stuffing balls, roast potatoes and roast parsnips with gravy!

      All delicious x

  2. Darby

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are feeling better soon! the food looks amazing, looking forward to my holiday dinner in a few hours – Blessings to all creatures great and small.

  3. Vicki

    Poor achy you. Take it easy. Agree, more champagne, or maybe stronger stuff, until it’s better, which I hope is soon.

  4. Linda

    Oh, those spasms! Not much you can do until they pass (except rest and medicate as needed). I’m so glad to hear (and see) all the loving help you’ve got. Hang in there (because really, what else can you do?) .

  5. Linda

    Grrrr darn drat, dang! I hope you feel better very soon Frances. Snuggle with BeAnne and come back soon! And Merry Christmas!

  6. RiderWriter

    Your festivities and food look wonderful! I’m very sorry your back threw in the towel on the penultimate day… (as I’m sure your OH is as well). Hope you feel much better soon!

    Are those not Yorkshire puddings at 9:00 on your plate? I was all excited because they look like the individual ones that I make to go with our roast beef on Christmas! We also had imported Christmas crackers to enjoy after our meal. The family was a bit perplexed but I explained that they are very popular ‘cross the pond and much fun was had.

    I have never had a parsnip but am tempted to try them after seeing them featured in several folks’ dinners.


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