What a Beautiful Day

Well, here is a sight I never thought I would see (yes, it is another one!)


My back is still agony with no respite and I also seem to have acquired pain-related Tourettes, ie I scream a bad word when I take a bad step.  So I am not riding but Daisy and Flossie went out for a blast on my behalf.

Daisy said Haakon was very bouncy and fast – so the Turmeric Golden Paste is obviously working fine, then.


She also mentioned that he is barrel-like – I don’t see it myself.  Daisy is obviously deranged and needs her eyes testing.


So while they were out, I hobbled into the field to take see how the girls and Minions were.  Everyone was very peaceful.


Delia looks very well.  She has kept the weight on this year (so far) but she is stiff (on turmeric golden paste too) and takes a while to loosen up.  She was in the stable last night which, though warm, restricts her movement so it is a bit swings and roundabouts managing her.


The Minions were basking in the sun and snoring gently to themselves.  I left them well alone or, if woken will start to follow and annoy.


I didn’t want to disturb this peaceful bunch, so having crept around with my camera, I left them enjoy the rare sun on their backs.  The weather returns tomorrow with a vengeance.


And then Daisy and Haakon came trundling down the track…


Flossie and Iacs came bimbling along (Iacs’ classic gait) too.


And then Floss’ 20p ran out and Iacs stopped never to go again.  Thems are The Ways.



3 thoughts on “What a Beautiful Day

  1. Cathleen

    I so enjoy your posts and photos. Very sorry to hear about your back, I hope it gets better very soon. Good luck with the weather, wasn’t that bright day a great spirit lifter?!

  2. Linda

    AWWW, someone needs his nap-time badly. Just like babies everywhere.
    You offered such a grand salute to King Haakon and Queen Hetja – long may they reign!


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