Me Time

Yesterday, when we were rushing around getting the girls ready to travel south, I found Lambie sitting by himself. He gave me a beautiful smile.

So I stopped to quickly take a “Garbo” photo of his noble profile.

“I want to be alone”

Today, with everything mostly done, I went into my shed to make a sheeple and generally have some time to myself.  Lambie popped by.

So I opened to the door and asked him if he wanted to come in. I was listening to a sci-fi play on the radio while stabbing away.  Monster had joined me earlier and was asleep on the rug next to my chair.

It was all very civilised and peaceful as well as a faint waft of pee…. but who cares.

Lambie was on good form. Lovely smiles for me.

I was, of course, enchanted.

He is such a dear boy.

So I continued my needle-felting while Lambie disgraced himself trying to eat the tassels on the table-cloth.  He just can’t help himself!  We had words.

He did stay for my flute practice, though.  I did enjoy my me-time.  It was special, especially with Lambie and Monster.

2 thoughts on “Me Time

  1. diane in northern wis

    Well Monster must like you too! That’s good to know. and of course Lambie always likes you. Wonder when your girls will arrive at their destination?


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