Starting Hjalti

Hjalti is 4 years old now.  Today Daisy and I started his proper big-boy training.  We took him, and Efstur as company, for a walk to the end of the track, just to confirm the basics that he already knows.  Stopping, starting using pressure-release as well as body language.

I had Efstur who was hoof-perfect and very happy to be going out and about.  He didn’ t know there was a Big Bad World waiting.

The others looked on, pointing and laughing, and I definitely heard sniggering too.

Hjalti works best with “negative reinforcement” training – “negative reinforcement relies on the use of pressure and timely release of pressure to train horses. It’s only called “negative” in a mathematical sense because something (pressure) is taken away during the training process to reward the horse for a correct behavioral response.” – The

After our little walk, we moved onto more sophisticated stuff.  The bridle and bit.  We used Taktur’s bridle as it has a very soft bit and is easy to adjust.

Hjalti cooperated beautifully.

Obviously, he was a bit bewildered with this new thing in his mouth so we made it easier for him and fed him small bits of carrot so he thought it was worth it.

There was lots of praise and telling him what a clever, good boy he was being.

Meanwhile the side-kick and companion was being a bit of a tit.  He was learning himself how to stand quietly once tied up.

He can learn this special skill while Hjalti has his lessons.  Do him good.

As the training was going well, Daisy took Hjalti for a walk around the school wearing Daddy’s bridle.

Look at my little boy – all growed up now.

Such hard work deserves a bucket of grub.

I am so proud of my first home-bred Icelandic horse foal *** sniff ***.

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