Mr Noseband and Reins

Daisy and I did our now routine walk with Efstur and Hjalti up the track and back.  They had improved, which was good – better listening and watching our body language.  They both saw a cyclist and stared and stared and stared…… (and probably still staring if we hadn’t taken them back to the indoor school).

Daddy’s bridle went back on.

Efstur practiced his special skill (that would be standing still without fidgeting because fidgeters get no attention, you know!).

Then Daisy attached the reins to Hjalti’s bridle.  She put them over his head and back again a few times so that he got used to the movement.

Next, she gently pulled each rein so Hjalti could become used to the idea of turning his head in response.

Another walk around the school, this time using the reins for leading.

And then on with Mr Nosey-Band on the first hole – the loosest it could be.

Lots and lots of praise and being told how clever he was (and he was – we really meant it!)

I took Hjalti for a walk and all was fine.  Absolutely lovely.

And then off with everything and out with the reward bucket of grub.

Hjalti has grown a bit since his original encounter with the bucket.

He still has the softest nose, though.

3 thoughts on “Mr Noseband and Reins

  1. Margaret Robinson

    There aren’t many horses/ponies I’ve seen who take to the bridle lessons as well as Hjalti seems to have done. I’ve watched older horses in clinics who know better and have been ridden for years, who still have problems (which is why they’re taking the clinics). Good job on everyone’s part!


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