A Bit Odd

Firstly, do not judge my filthy windows please. 


Anywho, Monster has gone a bit odd.  He was always odd and now he is even odder.

He has taken up using his litter tray, which has remained untouched since he was first allowed out when he arrived back in April ’18 and now he wants to sit on the roof.   Very strange.

We’re not sure why and we spend many hours discussing theories to explain this strange behaviour.

My theory is that Monster thinks Spring is almost here (the odd snowdrop around and it is suddenly warmer) so he wants to go out more and explore.

OH reckons he got a gluff from a rabbit when hunting.

Daisy thinks he was startled while having a quiet little pee outside so now has decided to use the house litter-tray.

Oh my word – just look at the abysses of fat folds!  Squidgy-widgy.

Well, whatever, it is, Monster has changed.  He even quite likes me and followed me into my shudio this morning.

Of course, he wanted out.

He wanted in.

He wanted to explore.

He wanted to annoy.

Meanwhile, Her Maj  has comes to terms with her bed so that’s one good thing.

One odd, very odd cat, though.  He fits right in!



6 thoughts on “A Bit Odd

  1. Sam

    Yes, Monster thinks Spring has Sprung and The Grass is Green….Plus now a shed to explore and a sky light to hover over…Silly Boy.

  2. Linda K

    Yes, I’m sure he senses Spring is on it’s way. I didn’t think he was particularly large under I saw his undercarriage!

  3. Kerry

    No need for forgiveness – sun is streaming through mine this morning and gulp. So don’t worry – judge not lest ye be judged and I surely would be. It is sad when I almost want it to rain again rather than do good housekeeping.

    And “gluff” – what a fantastic word: thanks for the education

  4. Linda Loba

    I think your OH is right; our dog has been scared by several little beings much smaller than she is. And you could throw in a little Spring Fever in there, too. Keeps things interesting, doesn’t it?


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