Spring, spring, spring

Spring is here!  Spring is here!  Long may this wonderful weather last. The mud is beginning to dry up.


I know this because the wild primroses (Primula vulgaris or Mayflooer in Shetland dialect). have arrived.


The Lesser Celandine (Ranunculus ficaria) are also flowering sporadically around the field.  Little dots of yellow.  Celandine holds a special place in my heart as I did a school project on this flower when in primary school.  I remember it being a hard slog trying to find out information without such a thing as the internet!


Floss and I spent this afternoon sitting outside in the field with everyone (sheeps included) enjoying the spring sunshine.  I took my camera and snapped away, as ever, anything that looked pretty or one of the family!

BN2A1125   BN2A1185sBN2A1173 BN2A1174

Les Grandes Dames enjoy the spring sunshine.  Their behaviour is completely different – Delia is slowly stopping her prescribed analgesia and I will see how she fares this summer before making any kind of decision about her future.  I don’t want to see her struggle in the warm sunshine.


Lambie and ‘Ster are learning how to be proper sheep by going outside and eating grass.  They are not keen on the mud but it is drying up now and the Boysens are now taking themselves to the fields to eat the short spring grass.  This is much better than hanging around outside the house.

BN2A1122 BN2A1141

Hjalti is looking wonderful.  He is such a dear boy, full of young Icelandic horse inquisitiveness with all of his father’s wonderful temperament.


Hetja, his mother, is always nearby but these days she rarely intervenes.  I think she is letting Hjalti work it out for himself.  It is the only way he will learn.


Happy sunny spring days.  I am so relieved we got through winter.

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