Going To Norway

These four little ponies are going south tonight on the Northlink ferry.  Their eventual destination is Norway.

BN2A0890 BN2A0892

They are from Bergli Shetland Pony Stud.


First up is Bergli Triga

Sire: Trigo of Berry
Dam: Vallendale Deliah

BN2A0916 BN2A0920 BN2A0932 BN2A0942

Then there is my personal favourite, Bergli Astay  – in her spare time she is a koala bear (it is all in the nosey) and she is also tiny, 26″ in total.  What a treasure.

Sire: Plumtree Tyler
Dam: Aswa of Berry

BN2A0950 BN2A0959 BN2A0960

Then there is Bergii Watsie

Sire: Watzo of Berry
Dam:  Blackstonefolly Jessie

BN2A0979 BN2A0987

And last but by no means least, Bergli Red Rum

Sire:  Rum of Berry
Dam”  Rosie of Lochside.

BN2A1008 BN2A1022

This little lad has a huge future ahead of him – actually they all do. Darling little Bergli Shetland ponies.

BN2A1041 BN2A1043

And so we loaded them into the van…..


…… and left their friends behind.

BN2A1057  BN2A0994

We drove to Lerwick, minus Mr Grumpy, the cat, and led the ponies to the GLT (general livestock trailer).

BN2A1059 BN2A1067

Everyone will be fine.  They will travel well because they have each other and a big net of hay.


Safe travels, little ones.  You will be missed but you are going to the best homes.



6 thoughts on “Going To Norway

  1. Linda K

    Yes, glad they’re together. I’m sure Bjorn would not have let them go to anything other than the best of homes.

    Good luck ponies.


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