Spring Cleaning

Today I had this sudden urge and found myself in the indoor school with a strong desire to clear up the tack area.

I have no idea why I needed to do this.  I am probably ill.  Very ill.

There was one bit I left – the place where we are throwing our old plastic bale wrap plus any other rubbish and, once we have come to the end of the silage, it will all be bundled into the van and taken to the Recycling Centre,

Here are the carts, ready to go to their respective new homes.

Another pile to be thrown away and the floor swept.  Get me.   Dangerously ill, I tell you!

We are coming to the end of our silage – four more bales.  We get through about bale a week so hopefully it will last until the grass decides to put in an appearance.  The salmon net and tyre effect worked brilliantly and we have had no bird-peck holes and very little ruined.

After the massive tidy-up, I took Haakon into the school and we had a nice ride.  We practiced our halts, which has never been a strong point.  Haakon hates stopping and the first one resulted with me riding him into a wall until he stopped!  Then I reversed him back to the actual dressage letter I had originally wanted him to stop at and after that he realised I meant business.

Then BeAnne and I went for our daily hike as my back ached from all the sweeping and general rubbish sorting.

We were chased by the rain but it was still beautiful.

We got home dry and I still ache.

4 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

  1. Linda

    What a beautiful group of photos, Frances. I totally agree with you about getting out of the house to be able to think. But in your case, you got some wonderful photos in the bargain!
    (As I am in total denial about Spring Cleaning, I have no comment on your cleaning up, except to say I hope your back is feeling better…) 😉

  2. diane in northern wis

    Take it easy Frances…..you’re awfully ambitious for somebody who’s been so sick lately. Hope you continue to feel better! Hope Spring comes soon. Blessings to all of you and your furry friends too.


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