Some Shetland Facts

This afternoon, I drove over to the other side of the island to deliver some horse rugs that needed attending to. I want them to have leg straps put on as I am fed up of losing them in a gale – they blow over the horse’s head and then sit in a heap in the mud, always the mud, looking invisible or like a slightly different rock.

So, after dropping off the rugs in someone’s garage (I hope to God it is the right one or a random stranger now has 6 of my very best rugs), I decided to go home via a long scenic route.

I seldom visit this side of the island so I had some time to myself and looked at the spectacular east side of Shetland.

Some interesting facts: In Shetland you are never more than 3 miles from the sea.

Shetland is nearer to Bergen (Norway) than it is to Aberdeen.

It is further north than Moscow or Southern Greenland (I did not know this!) It is on the same 60ºN latitude as Helsinki, Finland and Anchorage, Alaska (I did know this!)

“Shetland was Norse until 8 September 1468, when the islands were mortgaged to Scotland for 8,000 florins as part of the marriage agreement between the future James III and Princess Margrethe of Denmark. In 1472 the Scots annexed both Shetland and Orkney.” – Undiscovered Scotland

There are over 100 islands in the archipelago that makes up the Shetland Islands.  Only 15 are inhabited.

Shetland’s population is around 23,200 (last counted 2014).

The North Sea is on the east coast and the Atlantic Ocean on the west coast of Shetland.

And there is no such place as The Shetlands!

So you know – Shetland, yes, Shetland Isles, ok if you must, but never The Shetlands.

8 thoughts on “Some Shetland Facts

  1. Calm, Forward, Straight


    So happy to have run across your blog recently. I’ve been reading through to catch up on your story. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos and stories. If it is ever becomes possible get away from my tiny island farm in the Atlantic ocean for long enough to travel, visiting your part of Scotland is top on the list.

  2. Margaret Robinson

    A woman of many talents! These are just gorgeous and whilst much more riled than it was when we were there, the seas are beautiful. You did them well. Hope your blankets went to the right place too.

  3. Louise Stopford

    Some very interesting facts there Frances and of course, some beautiful Shetland photo’s. I love reading about Shetland as I find it fascinating. Lovely post.


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