Monster’s Spot

We all have our routines and our places in the house.

In the morning, after feeding everyone their hay, Floss and I go back inside for breakfast.  Floss sits in the sitting-room (while I am in the kitchen) with her slice of toast and sits in “her spot”.  Today, someone else was there and he wasn’t moving.

That would be Monster, aka White Panfa!

So Floss ended up in Daisy’s spot – this now marks the end of civilisation as we know it.

With more work to do, we are back out at 11.00 to do the rounds with the hard feed – or meals-on-wheels as we think of ourselves.  We came home in time for lunch around 13.00 and guess who was still in Floss’ spot.  However, he had turned round. Good effort.

When he hears us in the kitchen, Monster joins us to sit in His Spot!

Everywhere is a potential spot if you are a large white cat.

BeAnne doesn’t have a spot. Where I am is her spot.

Monster has many spots – see what I did there….geddit?!

He is speshul.

4 thoughts on “Monster’s Spot

  1. Sam

    You are now officially Owned by The Cat. All comfy spots are his. All sweaters are his. Same for all boxes, warm spots by the fire and your bed. Little Miss Maine Coon says “well done, Monster, well done!”

  2. Cathy

    I feel Monster is under using his talents. Google “Best Lullaby for meow #2 “ on You Tube, and tell him we expect some suitable Shetland entertainment! ( Sorry, can’t do the link”)


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