Some grass please

Today is Daisy’s last day here in Shetland – she is off back to university on the mainland tomorrow.

After riding her Bimble, who has recovered from being lame (Haakon is still lame), I offered to drive her over to Sandness to say goodbye to Lyra, her very special 2 year old Shetland filly.


Luckily the herd were all standing at the top of the field, waiting for us looking rather soggy and fed-up.


Daisy climbed over the gate, nearly getting stuck in the mud, and was quickly absorbed into the herd for cuddles.

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I stayed on the dry side and took photos over the gate.

BN2A8314 BN2A8316

It was very obvious that the grass in this field had run out and everyone was looking miserable so we quickly drove down to Jo’s, recruited her, took some head collars and a bucket of food to rattle back with us to the field.


I held the gate open to the “new-ish” field, Jo rattled the bucket and Daisy stopped any thoughts of escape.  It worked like a charm and the 11 ponies trundled over to their next field without an independent thought.


Yes, they were in this field before but it has a bit of grass on it and it will be far easier to put a bale of silage in.


Also there is a monstrous storm looming tomorrow and there is more shelter.  I feel happier now.  The ponies will be fine.


Velvereta pulled a wonderful face!


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  1. Celeste

    What a face that is! Priceless! Oh my, not another storm. I hope you and all your critters are hunkered down for the duration. And that the weather gets better soon. Everyone looks so soggy.


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