Feeling Very Nervous

I am feeling very scared.  This is the forecast for the rest of today – storm.  Not good.  I have to drive my daughter, Daisy, down to the airport (50 miles away) in this for the 19.40 flight to Edinburgh.  I phoned the airline only to be told that if you don’t turn up and they decide to cancel the flight, you lose the money and they have no responsibility to put you on another flight.  I said that it was ridiculous to endanger folks’ lives asking them to drive in a known storm but they would not budge.  My only hope apparently was if the police deemed it “unsafe to travel”.  I phoned the police and there was no reply.


Ho hum.

So it looks like Daisy and I will be scaring ourselves witless driving in a storm.  I think we will leave early and get there before it really hits.  I would rather sit at the airport than try and drive in it at its’ worst.  If they cancel the flight, then we will both drive home – the storm will be blowing behind us.  I will wait until I see the flight actually take off just in case they cancel when on the runway.

Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 11.52.12

So I have done all my chores early.  I trudged Jack up and down the tracek.  Fed Taktur – he almost puts the head collar on by himself.  The others are still grumbling that I have stopped feeding them.


Much dissent in the ranks.


The wind is gathering now.  I have done a quick check around the house and hidden stuff that is likely to blow away like the wheelbarrow.  The chosen car is turned around (my Land Rover twin cab Defender with All Terrain BFG tyres) ready to go and full of diesel.

I shall think only calming thoughts and take Rescue Remedy.


Wish us luck!

4 thoughts on “Feeling Very Nervous

  1. Sam

    Good luck with the weather. Rather stupid to make show up if they cancel the flight. Here in New England, we have Polar Vortex #2. Makes for cranky elderly car starts in the am.


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