Not Talking to Me

A certain small-ish orange Icelandic yearling filly is not really talking to us anymore.

Luckily the others are, so that’s good.

We have not been entirely sent to Coventry!

Today was windy so it was the windswept look.

Waffle looking particularly glamourous.

And Vitamin was majestic.

And being windy, there was a certain amount of shenanigans going around too.

Why does it always involve Storm? – a purely rhetorical question.

Little Sulky-Herself grabbed her carrot and then bounced off….

… with very much of a Not-Bovvered look about her.

She can just get on and inwardly digest yesterday’s events, learning from them.

Her sister, Lilja, of course was the very paragon of virtue.

The field seems much smaller with ten of them there but that’s how it is for the time-being.

I am sure they will find something to eat.

Anywho, a small furry someone was very pleased to see me when I came home.  Enthusiasm is always heartening when it feels like everyone hates you.


9 thoughts on “Not Talking to Me

  1. Linda Kirk

    Soley is probably thinking along the same lines as you – I’m not going through that again!

    The photos are great, I think the one of Vitamin is beautiful. Is she giving Storm a telling off?

  2. Linda

    Love that “windswept” look of the horses, but that photo of BeAnn is absolutely so wonderful to see!!!

  3. Mary Colleen McNamara

    So good to see BeAnne perky and seeming to feel like her self. 😉
    Maybe sulky- Soley is just going through teenage or preteen angst stage. They seem to need to challenge authority every so soften. BUT you are correct she needs to chew on this a bit in her brain and find that there are behaviors that are not tolerated .

  4. sam

    Lovely to see BeAnne romping. As for Storm, perhaps he is the reason the wind picks up? What with all the pestering of others. And some little miss is being a moody chit.

  5. Sherry Walter

    isn’t that absolutely the best thing about dogs? No matter what they’re always glad to see you.

  6. diane in northern wis

    Oh that last picture was a real keeper! How nice to be welcomed back home like that! It’s interesting to learn about these different personalities in your horses. I’m guessing you’ve seen every possible personality a time or three? Thanks for a great and always interesting blog, Frances!


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