Sóley from Thordale

Here we are, at long last, introducing….

Sóley from Thordale

Out of Hetja frá Skeiðháholti (IS2002287901)
Taktur frá Velli II (IS2009180242)

Colour: Chestnut with a blaze (Rauðblesótt) or maybe red dun – we shall see.

Sóley means meadow buttercup or sunflower in Icelandic and she most definitely is a little yellow flower.

There are also quite a few Sóley’s registered in WorldFengur so I think we are fairly safe with this name and it will be accepted.

Sóley the Foalie!

We all love her very much (and she is beginning to show a toof – I saw it today).

Lilja remains Sóley’s greatest fan.

They spend most of their day together.

I saw them both sleeping in a heap at Hetja’s feet this morning which was beyond delicious.

Surely Hetja knows these are her two daughters.

So there we are.  Finally a name and we think it is the perfect name for such a lovely addition to our herd.

What I am looking forward to most (in maybe a few year’s time) is lining up Hetja with Sóley and Hjalti – they will be three peas in the pod.  Mum with son and daughter.  Lilja be in a different family photo.

I have a feeling, though, Moonpie will be Sóley’s nickname.

And Sóley will be her posh Sunday name which we will call her when she’s done some heinous crime.

Sóley the Foalie.  Awwww



4 thoughts on “Sóley from Thordale

  1. Celeste

    Aww, what a lovely name for a lovely little filly! She is unbearably adorable. Your pictures of her and her sister are just amazing. I won’t ever get tired of more shots of her! I can only imagine how sweet it is to spend time with her. You are so lucky and rich beyond measure!

  2. Joe Boyd

    I have a special place in my heart for your little “sunflower,” having lived in Kansas (The Sunflower State) for nearly 60 years. She is beautiful! Looking forward to the family portraits.

  3. Linda Loba

    Such a cutie pie; Moonpie it is! (except in formal circumstances, of course).
    Love seeing that Mom and her daughters are getting along so well…


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