Lambie *** sigh ***

Lambie is being “an erse” as they say in Shetland.  He hates his new field.  He stands on a tiny concrete step all day refusing to move while telling me how much he hates it.  He looks at me reproachfully.

So today, instead of luring the Boyzens to their new hated field (loved in the summer, by the way), I let them loaf around outside the house where the long grass is, so they sulked about that because it is like living in your bedroom all day.

There is another field the Boyzens can go into if they brave a small amount of mud.  So armed with a box of Animal Crackers (kindly gifted), I showed them where to duck under the fence, though their specially made and often-used sheep hole.

It’s not difficult.

That would be all except Lambie.  Erse.

Rattling and distributing the crackers between ‘Bert and ‘Ster had no effect except for attracting the attention of the horses in the next door field.

They then got out their Winning Smiles so I had to go back to the house for carrots because it’s only fair.

(Dad and son – aww)

Best Winning (with added frilled) Smile Award ever goes to Iacs!

Most Unhelpful Sheep Award goes to Lambie.  Erse.

So, I gave up trying to show the sheep better fields and tomorrow I will revert to Plan B and they can all go and perch on the concrete step if they feel they must.

After these efforts, I went for a walk and the Boyenberries all came too, which was nice.

And then they buggered off into the hill so I had to rush to the feed container and rattle a bucket to lure them home.  All erses now.


3 thoughts on “Lambie *** sigh ***

  1. Linda Loba

    Oh, animals can have such moods! We get all set for a nice long walk, go to the end of the lane, and suddenly it’s time to turn around. And she’s too big to argue with…
    I bet Lambie will come around, once he realizes there’s really no choice.

  2. diane in northern wis

    Oh my, what a trying day for you, especially with those sheeples. You certainly do try hard to help every one to better fields and better life. You’re a good one Frances. Sure hope your back and legs start to feel a bit better. Take care!

  3. annie vanderven

    they have a nerve making your life difficult at this moment with all your aches and pains, you are just too good natured and they are taking advantage of you the ungrateful erses!!!!


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