Introducing Horses

Loki is learning how to live a Thordale life.  He likes to come around with me or to loaf outside. Today we tried without the lead to see if he wandered, which he didn’t.  He looks behind him waiting for me wherever I go and knows his name.


He hadn’t yet met the horses but barked in the garden when they galloped up to the fence yesterday.  I was a bit worried but thought we had to bite the bullet and see how he reacted.


He didn’t do a thing.  Just took it all in his stride and was 100% better for not being on a lead.  He pulls and stops listening.  Typical lurcher.


He went on a quick walk with everyone to the egg-stall at the end of the road and, for the last bit, OH let him off the lead.


So slowly but surely we are getting to know Loki and he is doing very well.  There have been a few spats between him, Jack and BeAnne, but they will sort it out.  It is mostly about food.  He has a natural affinity to Jo’s van.  This speaks volumes.  White van-man!


Luckily he had a friend to share his space.  They make a nice couple.


Loki knows about children. He liked Arwen, Fiona’s youngest daughter who was visiting and was very gentle with her.


All the dogs have to know that when someone is riding in the school, then they must wait quietly in their beds.  Loki has been given his bed.


There was a hint of thinking about playing but he finds Snati and Beeble fairly rumbustious.


Luckily BeAnne is there to take up the slack!

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I hope Loki learns to play with the others.  He is now running around the fields accompanied and I keep telling myself it is only Day 3.  I feel like he has been with us forever.


5 thoughts on “Introducing Horses

  1. Karen

    He is such a handsome soul and would appear to be without vices in your hands…can’t imagine why someone gave him up, good fortune for you 🙂

  2. Linda Penney

    Awesome post Frances glad he likes the horse when you think they are born to chase things he is just proving not always the case which is brilliant for the breed


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