So Much Do!

So much to do with much officially to get sorted.  There is no escape and my sister and I have worked tirelessly all day until we are now boggly-eyed.

My sister goes home tomorrow, while Ted and I drive north on Wednesday up to Cumbria for the night, then on to Aberdeen and the boat overnight to Shetland.

I am so tired.  I need to see and live this.  Normality in my world.

13 thoughts on “So Much Do!

  1. Judith Garbutt

    I’m so pleased you’re able to go home, even if it’s only for a short time. I can imagine the amount there will be to do. I’m sure you’ll get an amazing welcome from everyone but I wonder what Ted will make of it – so many new friends!

  2. Celeste

    Glad you are able to go home to your beloved family, 2 and 4 legged. Sorry to hear of your mom’s passing, my deepest condolences to you. I hope she is at peace now, and you can also find peace.

  3. diane in northern wis

    Oh my Frances, I’m sure there is so much to do there and it sounds like you and your sister have accomplished a lot in the last couple of days. May your travels home go well. Ted will have many new critters to meet. Praying for your safe travels, friend.

  4. Mary Colleen McNamara

    So glad you and your sister will be going home. Hopefully the stress will fall away for awhile. Things will get done in time. Know that you were there when your mum needed you. I wish I could see the joy in your eyes (I will vicariously) enjoy the warmth in your heart when you return to Shetland to all your critters and of course your hoomans too. Hope Teddy is up to the adventure and hope Monster will be gentle with him. Pepper will have a playmate. Of course Ted will have to learn how to live amongst your critters.
    Challenges ahead, but also the support of all creatures great and small.
    Will you be home for the holidays?
    Sending much love. Wishing you both a safe journey

  5. jacqueline slavich

    Heartfelt feelings going to you at this time. Remember, when you are going through darkness, you just have to keep going. You are not alone. Your family and internet friends are with you. Lots of love

  6. Louise Whyte

    Paperwork takes ages, did it with dad and Douglas, just takes a long time and folks aren’t always that helpful. Are you with friends in Cumbria? Wish we had time to say hello as we are just a bit further on.

  7. Louise Stopford

    You seem to have accomplished a great deal. We had it all to do last year and it is so hard when you don’t really know what you are doing and trying to do everything at once. Take your time. Things will get sorted but I realise how daunting things must be at the moment. Have a safe journey home Frances and enjoy the comfort and support of your family and your animals. I do hope Ted settles in well. It will be like a great big adventure for him and I am certain he is going to love his new Island life with you all. Take good care and safe travels.

  8. Sam

    Paperwork and organizing is so draining. Safe travels north with Ted. i do hope Pepper and Monster will be kind to him. They look so comfy cozy in the snuggle bed.

  9. Kate Woolley

    Home ! It’s such a wonderful, safe word. Dear little Teddy, what will he make of it all. I am so pleased he is coming back to Shetland with you. What a great adventure for him. Your Mother would so pleased that he is with you. Good luck for the journey. Hope it’s a calm crossing. ( How old is Teddy ? )


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