So how are we getting on? I hear you ask

So how are we getting on? I hear you ask and thank you for asking.  Well, Loki is settling in.


It has nearly been a week and we are still getting to know each other.


Loki has learned his name but has very selective hearing, not dissimilar to other dogs we know….. *** cough *** Jack!


Loki likes to run and run and rabbits set him off, which is to be expected really. Beautiful and graceful to watch and we are working on his recall skill which has plenty of room for improvement.  He definitely likes being part of the family, though, and that is very nice to know.


Within the enclosed house, gardens and yard area, Loki is good off a lead and is completely cured of chickens.  He doesn’t look at horses either.


BeAnne likes Loki and they go around together very happily.  She teaches him what is acceptable and what is not.  He is always clean in the house, doesn’t steal, rarely plays (sadly) and never chews.  BeAnne plays all the time with the new toys I bought him.


Things that are out-of-bounds – chickens, sheep, and Wuss.  We are working on the last two.  Wuss is very unamused still.  He is not happy to discuss the new Loki-shaped arrival because he was chased the first few days and spends his days upstairs on the bed sulking and mooching about the roof.

L1070519 L1070522

We are working on everyone’s attitude and, to be honest, BeAnne is not helping as she joins in the chase winding up Loki as she goes after Wuss.  She is a naughty girl and knows better.  Wuss and BeAnne sleep on the same bed most days.  I think Loki, in his previous life, might’ve been encouraged to chase cats.  Not good.


Anyway, Loki is being castrated on Friday and I hope that might slow him down for a few days.


So there we are.  Getting along.  A few wrinkles to iron out but nothing we can’t deal with, I hope.


3 thoughts on “So how are we getting on? I hear you ask

  1. Sam

    Could the “I don’t play with toys” be because he was never given any before? So glad to hear he is settling in.
    But how could you not assume BeAnne would teach naughty tricks?? At least Jack likes Loki.


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