Calming Klængur

Since his arrival from Iceland, Klængur has always been a bit of a nervous Nellie.  I should have worked more with him but medical reasons forbade it.

Mostly he has been left to rot in his field, which is no bad thing to have a holiday from work, training and expectation.  It has done him no harm and actually he is much calmer now.  At the moment he is being encouraged to lower his head and trawl along with his nose on the floor, ie stretch.  He could not do this when we first got him.  He worried too much about boggarts everywhere – they were mostly residing in his head and of his own invention.  He is a worrier.


Klængur is a changed bloke now – happy to potter about and he has started to communicate with his rider, Daisy, who is doing all the work these days for me. I just stand on the sidelines and watch.


Today Bjørn gave Daisy a lesson on Klængur which was great for me to watch.  He appreciated that Daisy has been working hard with Klængur recently and her work has paid dividends.


She tries to ride Klængur most days and I think they are happily getting to know each other well now and to, more importantly, trust each other.  When I bought him from his owner in Iceland, I was told  that once Klængur trusts you, then he will give you the world.

BN2A5801 BN2A5778 BN2A5754

So many half-halts, bending and shoulder-in and Klængur´s tölt becomes much clearer.  There is still much for Daisy to work with but the foundations are there.

BN2A5751 BN2A5739

And Klængur trusts Daisy and she always thanks him, and then he knows he has done good.  Very important.


Daisy still likes to ride Iacs but today he parked himself in the muck-heap so we left him there to find spiritual enlightenment.  Probably searching for his brain which is he left lying around because he wasn’t using it!


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