We had Visitors

A morning spent in Lerwick doing messages (** boring **) and then we beetled home in time for some visitors who had come all the way from Yell to kindly bring me a saddle to try.  In return I introduced them to Taktur, who Daisy generously offered to fetch from his field.


Taktur duly did the Meet N’ Greet and the visitors were duly impressed (well, they all made the right noises about his incredible beauty, generosity of spirit and utter gorgeousness).  I showed them our party-trick – turn on the forehand – ta da!

L1070530  L1070535 L1070542

BeAnne was a little put out at the attention button being set on Divert so she did her party trick, which is to turn someone into her slave.


Next, Jo turned up and so we let all the dogs out to socialise and run about.  It is all good practice for Monsieur Loki who is still abit growly around Beeble and Snati.  He still hasn’t forgiven them for barging in on Day 1 as if they owned his new house and family.


Then we opened the gate to the big field and they all rushed off (except for BeAnne and the beagles).


It was lovely to watch the dogs run down the hill at 100 mph….


…. and then run back again when called.  Loki was watching what the others did so he could follow them.  If they can teach him to return when asked, then all to the good.


BeAnne just sat on her fat little bottom refusing to move.  She doesn’t believe in unnecessary exertion unless obvious rabbits are included and she also hates being rolled by 3 dogs galloping over her.  She gets a bit sniffy.


Now, if they could just teach Loki about cats (yes, this is Wuss’ favourite place up on the roof looking down with disgust), then we are doing very well.  Another failure cat day – sigh – his only bad behaviour, though on a good note he is beginning to play a little with a tennis ball even if he has no idea why or what to do with it.


Loki is enjoying himself, I think.  Just stop enjoying the bloody cat!



3 thoughts on “We had Visitors

  1. Frances Post author

    Luckily Loki does not do stairs so Wuss lives upstairs and comes and goes through the roof velux windows. This works while it is summer but we will have to re-think come winter when we cant leave the windows open in a Shetland gale!


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