Snati is bored, bored, bored….

While two of my visitors plus one daughter were packing to go back to school, I drove Daisy and Anna to see the bebbies, while I said goodbye as well to Jo’s favourite uncle, Don, who was on the boat too and going back home after far too short a visit.

Don’t worry, he has better wheels than that!


The rain from yesterday has not really lifted so I just popped outside and took a few snaps of the horses.  An interesting herd group.  Note how Fivla (little white pony) is always between the boys and the mares and foals. They are a contented bunch and that is lovely to see.  This is how the foals will learn all the skills they will need to integrate into any herd environment or situation.


Charlie was revolting.


It is nearly impossible trying to imagine him as the leader in tandem at the RHS a few years back twinkling along at the front impressing the judges.  


Anywho, Anna wanted to hug a newly hatched quail chick who happily obliged.  I see a future modelling career for this chick.


Errr, this, apparently, is what Jo had for supper tonight (apparently they were the bigger versions).

Screen Shot 2013-06-13 at 21.54.40

Snati, Jo’s collie pup was bored.  So he found a bone and threw it around the room at himself for a while.  It wasn’t much fun.


Then he found Beeble who was peacefully asleep on the floor and so he was eaten instead.


There was a second when Snati tried to behave but it was short lived and over-rated ….


…. because he spied BeAnne snoozing.


And with that, the Battle commenced!


BeAnne always gives as good as she gets.  There is no stopping her. She rarely cowers. Just speaks as she finds.  She is from Chester-le-Street, County Durham after all.


There was much snapping of teefs and giggling from us in the background.

While these shenanigans were going on, Beeble turned into Winston Churchill ….



so BeAnne sought refuge with Daisy.


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