I Gave In

I found these three boys standing together looking rather gorgeous.

Almost gorgeous!  There is always one.  Thank you Klaengur.

Hjalti is wintering well.  He is such a cool little dude.  The spit of his mother.

However, the first cousins, Haakon and Iacs, have aged a lot this winter.

I found a huge mass of grey fur under Iacs’ silly-frilly. I was shocked when I saw it.  I did not expect to see so much so quickly.  He is only 23 years young.  Haakon is a year older and has no grey hairs.

So, yesterday, I gave in and put a rug on Haakon who is looking too thin for my liking. I think that last cold spell, when I had flu, really got to him.

In his youth, Haakon would have had a hissy fit if he saw or went near a rug.  He appears to have grown out of this behaviour and is happy to accept this new fashion.

As Efstur’s rug (Delia’s ex) was not fitting very well, I bought him a new one.

By the time I had decided it was too small, I couldn’t send it back.  So I have told myself that it will do for one of the yearlings, if needed, next winter and I have ordered the next size up.  I can only blame my own stupidity.

Anyway, as both horses were happy to have a go at wrecking each other’s rug, I shouted at them and felt much better!

3 thoughts on “I Gave In

  1. Linda

    The 3 boys do indeed look so handsome – made me think of a boy band, complete with the silly one who has a habit of photo-bombing, while everyone else is trying to look cool… 😉


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