Smile Please!

This morning got off to a difficult start – tons of admin stuff to do and it couldn’t wait so I had to put off Chapter 2 of camera tuition for another day. These days, I find that I learn more in the morning and by the evening am fit for nothing that involves an actual brain.

But, after firing off some fairly hefty emails, I went outside for a breath of fresh air with my camera telling myself practice, practice, practice.

Daisy was just finishing up with Taktur.  Ears pricked for his bucket of grub!

And the sheeple were mooching around too.

Lambie was particularly keen on my new camera.

He offered himself as a test subject everywhere I went.

I call this montage “His Winning Smiles”.

The Minions were checked after lunch, before we started work on packing vegetables.

It is still very cold – Spring seems to have given up, and the grass is barely growing, so Daisy opened the gate for them into the next field. They didn’t need asking twice.

The camera is very different to what I am used to but I like the results very much.  So much to learn, though.


4 thoughts on “Smile Please!

  1. Sam

    Ah, the Super Model Lambie’s photo shoot is FAB! All those winning smiles. This new camera has amazing detail and clarity. Wow!

  2. Amy

    Excellent photo shoot! So hard to take good pictures of white (and black) cats — and that’s a stunner. Plus of course, Super Model Lambie! I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a widely grinning sheepie. Top picture of ‘Ster (?) is also particularly good. Always enjoy your pictures, and this new camera is taking your work to a whole new level of excellence.

  3. Nancy

    The new camera is wonderful — Lambie, of course, is front and center. Would that we all could look so wonderful!


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