A Funny Old Day

This morning I have been learning all about my new camera.  This was all I could achieve yesterday evening.

I am trying hard not to tell myself that I am punching well above my weight, but I will admit I googled “an Idiot’s Guide” to my camera!  Luckily, there is one and I watched Chapter 1 this morning.  I learn best in bite-sized chunks.  After lunch, I stuck the camera on Manual (no Auto for me until I know everything this bad-boy can do) and went out for a very windy walk.

Daisy and I also did a little work with Sóley and Lilja.

Sóley is going through her gangly-giraffe growing phase at the moment.

Lilja was introduced to “Mr Saddle-Cloth”. Her first time of anything.  She is the same age as Dreki but not as far along as he is.


On and off it went and Lilja was totally unphased by this.

Both sides because you never know.

And that was that.  All good, all very calm and boring (as it should be).

We kept it short and put the girls back out in their field.

Sóley took everything in.

And now I am off to learn Chapter 2.  Her Maj is not very enthusiastic about my new camera. She keeps looking away.  Still, you can see I brushed her for her photographic debut.

4 thoughts on “A Funny Old Day

  1. Sams

    Amazing close ups of the flowers but I did wonder where you went to photograph the massive snow bank until I looked again. And Her Maj looks grand brushed out. hard to think the girls are ready to learn about saddles and riding already. Can’t wait to see what the new camera does with Harry or the Minions.

  2. Mary Colleen McNamara

    Well done on all panels. I am so impressed at the patience that Daisy has, that is the way you get results 😉
    of course I love the monster pic. He looks almost angelic, but that is the way when they are asleep.
    Keep up the good work on all fronts.
    Warmest wishes,

  3. diane in northern wis

    Your new camera looks like it’s going to be taking some awesome shots…with your expertise of course! I love the pics of Soley and Lilja….such beautiful horses. Your training techniques are so gentle and wonderful….love those pictures too.

  4. Claire

    I am impressed with your pictures. I researched your new camera for my own interest, and I think you will really like it. Enjoy!


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