Slow Progress

It is slow progress these days with Haakon.

(my view this morning from the front door – he is lying down often, still)

I am pretty sure Haakon’s hooves are not as sore as they were.  The two abscesses are dry now and he manages to walk about around the outside of the house fairly happily.  He is very stiff and creaky, a bit like me really.

I found a huge carrot for him to eat secretly.

I didn’t mention the carrot to his friend, Iacs, who keeps him company during the daytime.  He had his earlier along with the others but has the hearing of a bat when it comes to carrots being eaten anywhere in a 10 mile vicinity.

Haakon, knowing this, was keeping an eye out.  Sharing is not his thing.

I like having Haakon around, close by.  He is putting back on the weight he lost and is eating well.  The appetite never diminished, even during the height of all his misery and pain.

This whole feet thing has aged my boy hugely and taken a lot out of him.  Before this, Haakon was much younger in every way but I just didn’t see it at the time.

Still, he is looking so much better.  A huge improvement on the miserable boy a month ago.

5 thoughts on “Slow Progress

  1. Judith Garbutt

    Poor boy – it’s obviously taken a lot out of him. Hopefully another month will see him more comfortable. xx

  2. Cathy

    He is looking rather well in those photos. I wouldn’t be too worried about getting the weight back, he will probably be more comfortable with less weight on his stiff joints and sore feet.

  3. Margaret Robinson

    Again, dear friend – you are doing marvelous work and keeping him moving forward (if not always physically, then mentally). He is an older equine and certain things just show up as we all age. He looks so much better and I’m sure is enjoying all the individual attention!


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